Messaging and Survey Services

Mobile Solutions, through its service development department, offers the most suitable wireless solution, enabling customers to improve their performance thanks to new mobile messaging applications.

This is possible because of its strategic alliances with Allopass and Fotolog. The first one is the biggest micropayment company in Europe. Thanks to Allopass, Mobile Solutions can provide payment method solutions anywhere in the world via SMS Premium. The second one is the first photo-blogging site in the world, and Mobile Solutions integrates photo uploads via MMS in the Southern Cone region.


Mobile Solutions provides messaging solutions across the region, both own and specialized content generators including survey campaings, that can be adapted and integrated to any content and any needs of mobile operators.


Mobile Solutions provides support in various areas:

  • Technical Support.
  • Statistical Reports.
  • Sales Support.

Mobile Solutions is a Mobile Social Network Developer, content provider, content integrator and service provider for mobile industry.

Mobile Solutions was founded in 2006 and operates in South America, with headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

Through its partner is providing Internet services to mobile phones.

It has also created its own mobile internet communities such as “Flirtpump” a mobile dating portal and the social network “”.

In addition, Mobile Solutions offers other services via SMS and MMS Premium messaging.

Mobile Solutions is leader in development of mobile social networks in Chile and Uruguay, and is known as a provider of innovative and cutting edge services.

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