Tu Ranking

Tu Ranking.mobi is a simple, fun and safe mobile social network to share photos; users can upload their photos which are viewed and ranked by the rest of the community. Users frequently return to photo sharing sites. The mobile user can meet people, vote, post photos, invite, recommend and comment photos. The website’s objective is to vote for the most beautiful male/female members and award prizes to the most voted and also to the voters.

Photo Sharing

Photo sharing is the publishing or transfer of digital photos on mobile internet, enabling a user to share photos with a user community.

What are the features of Tu Ranking?

With Tu Ranking you can:

  • Upload photos via mobile internet or MMS
  • Browse and vote for photos.
  • View top-rated users
  • Comment photos.
  • Recommend photos to friends.
  • Search for users by geo-referencing and gender.
  • All photos are moderated by Mobile Solutions.
  • Win fabulous prizes.

How to access Tu Ranking

To access Tu Ranking you have to type http://turanking.mobi into the mobile phone’s browser.

Mobile Solutions is a Mobile Social Network Developer, content provider, content integrator and service provider for mobile industry.

Mobile Solutions was founded in 2006 and operates in South America, with headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

Through its partner Fotolog.com is providing Internet services to mobile phones.

It has also created its own mobile internet communities such as “Flirtpump” a mobile dating portal and the social network “TuRanking.mobi”.

In addition, Mobile Solutions offers other services via SMS and MMS Premium messaging.

Mobile Solutions is leader in development of mobile social networks in Chile and Uruguay, and is known as a provider of innovative and cutting edge services.

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