Cerca mio

Cercamio.mobi is a local LBS content provider that gives its users access to reliable locations on the mobile web.

Cercamio can be used as a travel guide where you can visit locations that other users have found interesting. It can also recommend locations based on distance and price. Prices are given by the actual users. Distances are calculated based on the address given by the user. Users can also check if there are any discounts for a location.

You can become a member through loyalty clubs; you can be a member of a specific loyalty club. When you enter the application, you will see where you can get discounts at nearby locations.

Cercamio is another mobile community that forms part of the entertainment portal Moviclan.

Mobile Solutions is a Mobile Social Network Developer, content provider, content integrator and service provider for mobile industry.

Mobile Solutions was founded in 2006 and operates in South America, with headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

Through its partner Fotolog.com is providing Internet services to mobile phones.

It has also created its own mobile internet communities such as “Flirtpump” a mobile dating portal, “Miposteo.mobi” a friend browser and the social network “TuRanking.mobi”. Also it is working for a location browser called “Cercamio.mobi”.

In addition, Mobile Solutions offers other services via SMS and MMS Premium messaging. All this services and communities are grouped in our portal Japi.mobi.

Mobile Solutions is leader in development of mobile social networks in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, and is known as a provider of innovative and cutting edge services.

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